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✔ Matching, Scheduling, Reminders
✔ Google Calendar & Outlook Sync
✔ Direct Messaging, Meeting Notes
✔ Surveys, Forms, Announcements
✔ Feedbacks, Reports, Statistics
✔ Cloud-Hosted, Secured & GDPR Ready
✔ Google, Microsoft & SSO Login
✔ Easy Customization, White Labelling

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Community Mentoring Program

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Developed with more than 200 companies, incubators and organizations.

Mentornity Customers

Mentornity Customers

Why it works?

Easy and sustainable scheduling, meeting notes, useful forms for mentors and mentees.

Powerful tracking, managing and evaluating features for mentoring program managers.

Benefits for Admins

Powerful solutions to make everything simple.

start corporate mentoring program

Set the best configutation for your mentoring program.

Supports all mentoring models.
Use your own branding.
Ready to use platform in minutes

Community mentoring program add mentors

Import your own mentors and mentees.

Your platform, your terms.
No signup need.
Easy onboarding.
Supports SSO with OAuth2.0
Google & Microsoft Login

Community mentoring program add mentors
company match mentors and mentees

Provide the best method for your program

Pair people yourself OR let mentees select their mentors.

Define your selection criteria using profile details.

mentoring goals and content

You can design a program structure!

Add topics, descriptions, questions, forms and contents for different mentoring sessions.

Then track mentring activities through mentoring sessions.

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mentoring goals and content

Benefits for the Mentoring Program Management

All features to run a great mentorship program

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corporate mentor mentee reports


Realize the most active mentors and mentees, understand the needs of company.

You can get reports, graphics and statistics of your corporate mentoring program.

corporate mentor activities


Track the activities of your mentors and mentees or whole the program.

corporate mentor activities
Community mentoring survey


Create surveys and forms to collect information in a spreadsheet.

Send different announcements to mentors and mentees. Make your posts visible to users.

corporate mentoring program settings


Find the best configutation for your mentoring program without coding.

corporate mentoring program settings

Tools and Integrations

Mentornity has enabling technologies for program management, mentors and mentees.

Use the platform on desktop or mobile devices


Google Calendar and Outlook Sync. Compatibility with other calendars.
Receive e-mail and push notifications


Screen sharing and live chat without registration and software installation.
No more passwords and accounts! Just connect via Linkedin


Mentornity sends reminders for upcoming meetings and feedback requests for past meetings.

"Before Mentornity for this organization we need 10 people but now we just used Mentornity it is a very useful service."

Emre Kurttepeli

"Mentornity creates a big value for our company by providing interviews with other institutions."

Gaye Or
Marketing Manager

" Mentornity provides collective intelligence´┐Ż to every partners in incubator center"

H.Basri Akirmak
Senior Advisor

An effective mentorship program that easy manageable!

Yes, It is possible with Mentornity now.
Fill out the form and enjoy a magic process.

Make your mentorship program effective!


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Structured Mentoring

✓ Design a structure with session topics & questions.
✓ Different content for mentors, mentees or sessions.
✓ Let users schedule meetings using your structure.

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Simple Mentoring

✓ Same feedback questions for all mentoring sessions.
✓ Mentee reserves time slots of the paired mentor.
✓ Or mentors/mentees schedule meetings directly.

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Mentoring Pool

✓ No program structure, selection or matching.
✓ Mentees reserve time slots of mentors.
✓ Mentees create meeting with any mentor any time

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