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What admin experience you will have?


See all coaching activities of your coaches and coachees.

e.g. Scheduled meetings, updates, cancellations, meetings notes


Check useful graphics to measure your coaching program.

Engagement reports, detailed meeting lists, graphics, custom reports...


List the meetings based on your program structure.

So you can understand relations between your coaches and coachees.


It's possible to create a custom algorithm.

You may also pair your coaches and coachees manually.

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What will the coaching experience?


Browse your program structure as a mentor or mentee.

Coaches and coachees need to schedule their meetings using program structure.


Schedule a meeting to explore a meeting page.

Coaches and coachees will see different forms and contents on the page.


Coaches may provide time slots to book meetings.

Coachees receive email notifications about time slot updates.


Send direct messages or join video calls to explore tools.

Mentornity generates ZOOM and JITSI meeting links automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the following answers to explore our solutions quickly!

Do you provide a mentor mentee matching system?

Sure! You may define your own matching algorithm using your admin portal.

Is it possible to assign more than one mentee to a mentor?

Sure! You can pair more than one mentee for coaches or more than one mentor for coachees.

Do you support group coaching?

Of course! You may manage programs between groups and coaches.

How long does it take to get our coaching platform ready to go?

We can make your mentoring platform ready in 5 minutes.

Do you have calendar integrations?

Yes! Users may connect their Outlook and Google calendars to sync meetings.

How to add our coaches and coachees to the platform?

You may import your Excel file to add all users at the same time.

Or you can add one by one.

Is it possible to manage different programs with our admin account?

Yes! You can manage different programs at the same time.

Can we customize mentor and mentee profiles ?

Of Course! It’s easy to add custom fields to mentor and mentee profiles. 100% Customizable!

Can we add surveys to the platform?

Sure! You may define forms, polls and surveys for coaches and coachees easily.

Can I download my coaching program reports ?

Of course! You can download all reports, forms, session responses as an Excel file.

Do you provide support to configure our platform?

Sure! Our team will make everything ready for you and your users. We provide free training and support service. 

How do you calculate the pricing?

We calculate the pricing based on the number of total users. Users are active coaches and coachees on the program. 

What kind of customer portfolio do you have?

We are working with a *wide range of organization types.

e.g. Companies, Business Incubators, Universities, Non-Profit Organizations, and Communities.

*Based in United States, UK, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Chile, Mongolia, India, Turkey, Austria, Canada, Honduras, South Africa, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Spain ...

Why should I choose Mentornity to manage my coaching program?

Mentornity is a customizable platform for all coaching models that you need.

We provide the most affordable pricing in the market.

We are always open for feedback and collaboration.

You can start your program quickly.

How to import my data from my HR system to Mentornity?


It's possible to download your employee data and upload Mentornity without integration.

e.g. Workday, SAP Success Factors, Oracle, ADP or any HRIS...

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