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Corporate coaching Program

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Mentornity Customers
Mentornity Customers

How it works ?

"We can provide custom solutions for your program. This is a sample program process."

start corporate coaching program

1 : Start your coaching program

You may use your corporate branding ( Logo, cover, name...etc). It is ready to use in minutes and mobile friendly.

Company coaches database

2 : Add your users.

The system sends user invitations to your coaches and coachees.

Company coaches database
company match mentors and mentees

3 : Match your coaches and coachees

As an admin, you can match coaches and coachees.

Or define criteria to let coachees select their coaches.

coaching goals and content

4 : Add meeting goals.

You can add target numbers of meetings, topics and contents for coaching sessions.

* So you can track users through coaching sessions.

coaching goals and content
coaching session page

5 : Enjoy the coaching sessions of your users.

It is ready for online or face to face meetings.

* Users can take notes on meeting pages before or after the meeting.

* It provides online calls without any installation and registration via the integrated chat.

Benefits for Corporate Program Management

All features to run an coaching program in your mind!

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corporate mentor mentee reports


Realize the most active coaches and coachees, understand the needs of company.

You can get reports, graphics and statistics of your corporate coaching program.

corporate mentor activities


Track all the activities of your coaches and coachees or whole the program.

corporate mentor activities
Corporate coaching survey


Create all types of surveys and collect information in a spreadsheet.

Send different announcements to coaches and coachees. Make your posts visible on the user’s homepage.

corporate coaching program settings


Quickly Customize the system and features for your coaching program.

corporate coaching program settings

Tools and Integrations

Mentornity has enabling technologies for program management, coaches and coachees.

Use the platform on desktop or mobile devices


Synchronization with Google Calendar. Compatibility with Outlook and other calendars.
Receive e-mail and push notifications


Screen sharing and live chat without registration and software installation.
No more passwords and accounts! Just connect via Linkedin


The platform sends summaries of startup and mentor profiles for upcoming meetings. There is a reminder system for feedbacks and meetings.

"Before Mentornity for this organization we need 10 people but now we just used Mentornity it is a very useful service."

Emre Kurttepeli

"Mentornity creates a big value for our company by providing interviews with other institutions."

Gaye Or
Marketing Manager

" Mentornity provides “collective intelligence” to every partners in incubator center"

H.Basri Akirmak
Senior Advisor

An effective mentorship program that easy manageable!

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