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How to see live activities of the mentoring program ?

Activities page will help you to understand how your mentoring program is going nowadays ?

It's possible to understand new meetings, cancellations and user behaviours easily.

How To Create A Summary Report For A Mentoring Program ?

General Meeting Summary is a simple report of your mentoring program.

How many mentors or mentees had a meeting ? Total meeting count, active days, top skills ...

How to list meetings based on a program structure ?

It is easy to understand scheduled and non-scheduled sessions via sessions page.

Which mentors and mentees scheduled their meetings ? Which pairs created their 3rd meeting ?

How to list top mentor-mentee pair activites ?

Guest-Meeting (Engagement) table will help you to understand the relations of mentors and mentees.

Who is the most active mentor?

Who is the most engaged mentee ?

How to import mentors and mentees ?

Add unlimited custom fields and upload your data.

Import your mentors one one or using an Excel spreadsheet. You can import your custom data too.

How to edit onboarding steps ?

Design custom onboarding steps for your new mentors and mentees.

You may add or remove different steps and contents for mentors or mentees.

How To Design A Structured Mentoring Program ?

Add questions, descriptions, topics to provide a program structure.

Different contents for mentors and mentees, after or before the meetings.

Explore the most effective way for your mentoring program!

No credit card required.

Mentoring/coaching program management portal

Mentor, mentee, coach, coachee, entrepreneur, ....